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Water is supplied to a house in a city through several means, most of them intentional.

Most water is supplied through community operated metal/plastic tubes settled in the ground at a level where freezing is not common. Usually just cold water and and the house will have its own heater which allows for warm water distribution through the house.

Another is water for both consumption/general use and separately for heating. This arrangement is most often seen in large buildings where one may house a separate heater large enough to provide heating water and hot water tap outlets for the same and more houses on the same property.

Other ways water is supplied is by residents, who bring in water in various forms, usually bottled, but may also be canned. These often have added components such as taste and color as well as acids and other things.

You can also relieve som of the budget for water by relying less on municipal supply and instead replace a toilet and shower facility with water from raincollecting devices placed on the same land as the house or collected from nearby. In some areas these may be upgraded to include consumption outlets by proper filtering, and thus be able to replace a municipal supply.

The last way is by unintentionally having built a faulty house letting water in where it is unwanted, i.e. a leaky roof, or a foundation which is no longer waterproof. Can also be through damage from outside forces. I.e. you arrive at your home after you were evacuated only to find your home devastated by water damage from structural damage, or fire fighting or both. By a flood, or a leak in the Plumbing. Leaks typically occur when a house owner has neglected to prepare the house against wear, or when the house is left on its own pending a sale, or when the owner cannot afford to keep up the house.

Water in the form of moisture may occur it the house goes through a cycle of heat and cold and moisture from the air settles on surfaces inside. This may lead to further problems for a new house owner, or indeed may render a house unsellable. To the point of being unfit for humans to live in it.

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Q: How is the water supplied to the houses in cities?
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