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You cannot create in another person's reality but you can influence everything that touches your life - including your relationships.

For example, if a couple is fighting all the time then both people are "vibrating" in ways that allow that to happen.

So if one person uses Law of Attraction tools to change their vibration in regards to their partner (writing scripts about how they get along so well, keeping a list of positive attributes of the person nearby, writing things they appreciate about them at night)...

...the relationship will either shift or dissolve.

Two different energies can't co-exist. So if both are fighting and one changes to joy.... the other partner will meet them in joy at some point or they will break up.

In which case the joyful one goes off to continue being joyful.

You get what you allow in a relationship. If you can shift your vibration regarding that relationship that is what you will get.

For an example, see

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Q: How is the law of attraction used in human relationships?
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