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I would go as far as to say, the more you drink, the more urine you produce. I'm no scientist though. Keep safe. Don't drink too much water or you could die. I read that once. Also make sure you drink enough. You gotta stay in the safe zone. Peace homie x

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Q: How is the amount of water you drink related to the urine produce?
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What drink would produce the most urine?


Why doesn't a kangaroo rat produce urine?

they do produce urine, but in small amount and more concentrated. they dont drink water and obtain water from their food such as grass, vegetables,insectes. they have extreme long Loop of Helen in their nuphrons in kidneys, this allows more water molecules can be reabsorbed, as the water moves back to the bloodstream, the concentrated and small amount of urine is formed

Does the amount of water you drink each day correspond to the specific gravity of your urine?

The amount of water you drink each day corresponds to the specific gravity of your urine. Specific gravity ranges from 1.001 to 1.035.

Does the human body produce water?

Yes just drink water and your urine is water.

How much water should drink to produce 2 liters of urine?

3 to 4 liters of water

Is it wrong to drink urine?

It is generally wrong to drink urine (except in cases like the instance where one man was stranded in the desert without a source of water for a significant amount of time and used a technique to "sanitize" the urine so that he could use it to sustain his life). Urine is quite sterile when produced.

Why is your urine a lighter color after drinking a lot of fluids?

This is relative to the amount of bodily fluids in your urine versus the amount of water. The more fluid you drink, the more water will be in your urine. This will increase the proportion of water to bodily fluids which will make the color much lighter.

How is the urinary bladder related to the kidneys?

The kidneys produce urine, which is stored in the urinary bladder until excretion.

Can you drink women urine?

no itis not ok to drink womens urine it has bacteria and is different from mens urine

Why the females' urines are so concentrate?

The uric acid concentration in urine relates primarily to the amount of fluid that the person in question has been drinking; it is also related to the protein consumption, since uric acid is a by-product of the digestion of protein. Drink more water, have less concentrated urine.

How much urine will you pass out from one liter of water you take?

There is no exact amount just drink as much as you can - continuously.

Can a human drink his own urine?

Yes, a person can drink his/her own urine.