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Your husband's sister is your sister-in-law. If your husband has a brother the brother is your brother-in-law

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Q: How is my husband's sister related to me?
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How would your husbands sister be related to you?

Your Sister-in-law

Is your sister your husbands sister-in-law?

No. Your husband's sister-in-law is either your sister or the wife of one of his siblings. If she is the wife of one of his siblings, she is not related to you.

What relation am I to my husbands cousin's sister?

Your husband's cousin's sister is also your husband's cousin. You are not related to your husband's cousin.

Is your sister related to your husbands sister by marriage?

Yes, I suppose that they would be sister-in-laws. Because your sister is your husband's sister-in-law, and the other sister is his sibling, then I suppose they would be sister-in-laws.

Can you marry your sisters's husband's sister?

yes u can because your sisters husbands sister is not part of your family no like blood related.

How am I related to my uncle's sister?

Your uncle's sister is either your mother or your aunt by blood or by marragie.

What is husbands fathers sister to you?

sister in law

What would your brother call husbands sister?

Your brother would call your husbands sister by her first name. Or, "my (sibling's) sister in law.

What do you call your sister's husbands?

you call her your daughter's husband's sister

What is man married to husbands sister called?

to you, he is just your husbads brother in law. hes your husbands brothern in law and your sister in laws husband.

What do you call your mothers only sister husbands sister-in-law and he has no brothers?


What do you call your husbands brothers wife?

Your husband's brother's wife is your husband's sister-in-law, but is not considered to be related to you. But I have the same thing, in my family, I consider my husbands, brothers girl friends as my sister, even though we are not really related but we both still say we are sisters!! so really you can pick if you want them to be your sister, but they will never actually be related to by name, or anything

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