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Mitosis is the process by which your body cells (somatic cells) divide and multiply. It is the process that allows organisms to develop and grow. You were once a single cell and mitosis is the process that allowed you to become the complex biological organism you are today. Cells created through mitosis can also be used to replace old cells (tissue repair). Mitosis is also important in relation to understanding cancer.

Mitosis replicates somatic cells in the body. The only exceptions are brain cells (neurons) and sex cells (which replicate via meiosis). Without mitosis, we wouldn't "heal" after injury or grow. Cell replication is essential for survival.

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Mitosis is the splitting of the cell into two genetically identical daughter cells. This process helps to replace cells that have died, as well as help organisms grow over time. This splitting of cells also helps to repair tissue that has been damaged.

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Q: How is mitosis related to the growth and repair of body cells?
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What do cells formed by mitosis do?

They repair and allow for growth.

What is the purpose of mitosis in animal cells?

growth and repair. It repairs cuts and broken bones. Hope i helped

What provides new cells for growth and repair in the human body?

Cell reproduction, which includes mitosis and cytokinesis, provides new cells, growth, and repair.

Is meiosis needed for growth and tissue repair?

Yes it is. Just think of a "toe" when you think of mitosis, since that is what you need for your toe to grow.Meiosis is when a cell doubles and then splits into 4 half cells, and then turning into either one egg cell or 4 sperm cells.

Why do cells carry out mitosis?

Cells under go mitosis to replace lost cells or increase the mass of an area of tissue. (growth) Mitosis is simply the division of cells, which has a number of steps including anaphase, telophase and metaphase.

Why 3 reasons mitosis is important?

Mitosis creates clones of the original cell, its used to make physical growth in an organism and replace damaged cells.

What are functions of mitosis that kids can know?

Mitosis is the duplication of cells DNA. Its functions are for growth of the body from baby to adulthood and repair injuries of the body.

What are reasons eukaryotic cells divide?

it needs to go through mitosis so it can breath

Which process of cellular division creates identical daughter cells and is used for growth repair?

mitosis, cell division of body cells :)

What type of cell division occurs in all cells of an organism 's body except in the reproductive cells?

mitosis.. it helps in somatic cell divisions..

What process is responsible for new tissue growth and the healing?

Mitosis is the process for an orgamisms growth and repair.

What is the difference between male mitosis and female mitosis for humans?

There is no difference, mitosis is the division of cells for the repair of damages areas, or growth, meiosis is different in male and females, mitosis isnt. Sources: An A in biology class