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Founder of the group, Earth, Wind and Fire, Maurice White was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in the 1980s. Maurice has done well since his diagnosis, but Parkinson's is a debilitating neurological disorder that has called for an adjustment in his lifestyle. As a result, he no longer performs with the group, but continues to stay active in the music industry.

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Yes. He suffers from Parkinson's, which renders him unable to perform with Earth Wind & Fire in concert, although he still appears on their recordings.

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Q: How is maurice white his health these days?
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What is the state of Maurice White's health?

He suffers from Parkinson's, a degenerative disease.

What is Maurice White's birthday?

Maurice White was born on December 19, 1941.

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Maurice White and Verdine White, the founders of the band Earth, Wind, and Fire, are the sons of Edna and Verdine White Sr.

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Maurice White is not dead. After being diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2000, Maurice retired from performing in 2005. He is currently residing in Los Angeles and he spends his time writing and producing.

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