How is marijuana is used illegally?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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medical weed which is legal only if given by a doctor is different from regular weed. medical weed has less THC so when the doctors give it to you your not high as hell. people use marijuana illegally by

1.not getting it from a doctor

2.people sell it on the streets

3.people smoke regular marijuana which gets you higher than necessary

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Marijuana is used illegally by millions of Americans everyday. It is used for recreation ad to get high

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Q: How is marijuana is used illegally?
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What is a hard question on marijuana?

On average, how much marijuana is produced illegally each year?

Can you sell marijuana?

Yes, you can illegally sell marijuana. Most drug dealers are caught so there is not a good chance for you to successfully sell marijuana without being caught.

Who uses marijuana illegally?

because it was deemed by the federal government to have no medicinal value ,i guess, check out the history of marijuana on history channel

Does marijuana cause Bipolar disorder?

Anything can be used as an excuse for illegally smoking marijuana. There are a few studies related to marijuana and bi-polar conditions, but I am not aware of anything conclusive that has been published.

What will happen if marijuana is not legallized?

People will continue to use and sell it illegally, and a lot of folks will go to jail unnecessarily.

How much money is made by selling pain medications illegally in the us?

Billions of USD are made in revenue by private importers of illegal pain killers of these are a drug often used for amusement purposes is marijuana (which can be used for medical purposes).

What are the drugs that use for sports?

Well, a lot of athletes illegally use steroids (barry bond), or marijuana(michael phelps)

Can I stop my granddaughter's picture from being illegally used on ad's and hallmark card's?

If it is indeed being used illegally then yes you can.

Where is marijuana found or grown?

Hemp is grown illegally in homes, cars, gardens, ect. It is quite easy to grow, as difficult as growing lettuce.

How much marijuana is used?

Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in the world.

How many people in the US are currently using marijuana?

Millions. On top of all the people using it recreationally and (unfortunately) illegally, several states have medical marijuana programs. In California, for example, you can apply for a marijuana card with your doctor's recommendation and you can actually go to one of many stores across the state that legally sell marijuana to patients. They even have marijuana vending machines at some.

Can you smoke weed and be healthy?

Marijuana has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb, and is legally available today in the US for such use; it is also illegally available for recreational purposes. If it is used for healing, i.e., to bring people back to a state of health, then it must be healthful to begin with.