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they are very brave and idiotic

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Q: How is it humanly possible to eat feces without gagging?
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Can a male get feces while peeing?

No you can't get feces its not possible

What are the symptoms of breathing in human feces?

A foul odor & a bad taste in your mouth, followed by gagging. You should leave the area immediately and contact appropriate cleanup personnel.

Will it possible to use human feces?


Is it possible to not have a butt?

All sort of deformities and diseases can occur at which could cause a person to "not have a butt" in the normal sense.For instance, an infant may be born without a functioning anus. This can be repaired with a series of surgeries during which time the baby initially excretes feces through a surgically installed colostomy. Was that baby born without a butt?It is possible to not have a conventional butt, but it is impossible to live without a way to remove feces from the body.

Can a guy get feces while peeing?

No you can't its not possible

What does it mean if feces is full of tiny hair like creatures?

It sounds like worms. If it is your feces, you should consult a Doctor as soon as possible.

How do you have anal without having feces on your penis?

no because you poo

Is it possible for feces to come out during anal?

If you do not clean yourself out, feces will probably come out.

Will cats feces smell if it has worms?

ALL cat feces (or any feces of all species) has an odor, but if a cat's feces has an especially putrid odor, along with possibly being loose, it is possible that the cat has coccidiosis. Which is caused by a protozoan parasite. Kittens have died from lack of treatment for coccidia.

Can chicken or birds cause lung disease?

Yes it is possible for birds to cause lung disease. It isn't right from the bird it is from the feces. Aspergillosis is a lung infection that comes from the Aspergillus fungus. Bat guano (feces) can also cause Aspergillosis. It is not a common problem but it is possible. Keep the bird(s) area clean from feces.

Is it possible for a baby to eat it's mothers feces while it's in the womb?


Can you eat dog feces to survive?

To survive anything is possible, there is no reference whether it has been proven