How is heroin taken?

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heroin can be smoked, injected intravenously (vein) or intramuscularly (muscle), orally (swallowed) or insufflated (snorting into nasal passage).

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Q: How is heroin taken?
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How did Kurt Cobain do heroin?

He had taken heroin by injection.

How is heroin ingested into the body?

Heroin can be taken into the body in a few different ways. Just like morphine it can be injected or taken orally. Heroin is also often smoked.

How do you get heroin out of urine quick?

You can't, if you have taken heroin and are going to be tested, they will find it. The best way of passing the test is simply not to use heroin.

What effects does heroin give you?

Heroin is a downer. From observation of those who have taken it, it seems to have effects similar to alcohol, but more intense.

Are you shore that heroin will show the same as Oxycontin in a ua and not heroin?

the body metabolises heroin and Oxycontin in different ways. On a standard drug panel test it will light up for opiates if you have taken them, but if you take a complex blood test then they can distinguish which drug you have taken because heroin gets metabolised and leaves one metabolised form of heroin than Oxycontin does not when metabolised.

What does heroin look like and how is it taken?

heroin looks like water or some cut up leaves and u can take it by injecting it

How many people have taken heroin since 2000?

Too many

Where does the baby go when taken away from a heroin addict?

Child Services

What drug classes require Vital signs to be taken?

Heroin crack...

What drug taken by mother puts the fetus at risk for bleeding?


Can heroin kill you days after having taken it?

no withdrawls cant kill u

Is opium a form of heroin?

No. Opium is a mixture of several drugs, one of which is morphine. Heroin is a derivative of morphine. The two are similar but unrelated (except that the morphine is usually taken from opium).

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