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That would be a myth. A dogs mouth is not cleaner than a human's mouth.

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Q: How is dog mouth is cleaner than human?
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Why is a dog's mouth cleaner than a human's mouth?

A dog's mouth is cleaner because it contains less bacteria although these bacteria are more harmful to humans

Who is spit is cleaner dogs or humans?

A dog's mouth is actually far cleaner than a human's.

Does a dogs mouth clens itself every seven seconds?

a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth

Are dogs tongues cleaner than peoples?

yes dog mouth are cleaner than a men mouth look it up on mythbusters

Is a dog mouth cleaner than a cat mouth?

Actually, no. Cats also have cleaner mouths than humans, and they may possibly have cleaner mouths than dogs because their saliva destroys germs better than dog's saliva does. No dogs mouths are cleaner

What is in dog saliva?

well a dogs mouth is cleaner than a human's because it salive kills germs just not bad breath

Are the dogs mouth cleaner then any other animal?

Yes a mouth of a dog is cleaner than any other animal!

What is the material for who's mouth is cleaner a dog or a humans?

Dog and cats mouth is cleaner

Are dogs mouths cleaner than a human mouth?

A dog's mouth because it holds less bacteria in it's mouth and because the saliva in a dog's mouth is more acidic so it breaks down the bacteria in there mouths. when a dog swallows all the saliva makes the dog have a cleaner mouth

Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a humans?

look at discussion page i didnt know how to do this so i posted it on the discussion page by accident i didnt copy anything its authentic and if required, i will add a bibliography

Are cats breath cleaner than humans?

No they are not. ANSWER The vast majority of infectious diseases only affect one species, so diseases that hurt dogs -- parvo virus for example -- will not generally attack a human. It follows then that a cat's mouth, while not cleaner than a human's, will contain fewer bactiera, virii,etc. that would infect a human. However, in terms of cleanliness, cats' mouths are no cleaner than your own.

Why dont cats have a cleaner mouth than a dog?

Yes, a cat's mouth is cleaner than a human's, and possibly cleaner than a dog's, too. The saliva that destroys germs and keeps the mouth clean is more powerful in cats than it is in humans or dogs. It needs to be this way because cats use their mouths to clean themselves often. It is safe to share a Popsicle with a cat!