How healthy is boiled rice?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Boiled rice has some healthy benefits. It contains vitamins and minerals, and does give you some energy. If you use brown rice it also has fiber.

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Q: How healthy is boiled rice?
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What is boiled rice in Hindi?

Boiled in Hindi means 'ubla hua', Rice in Hindi means "chawal". so Boiled rice means "Uble hue chawal".

What is boiled rice?

- Plain cooked white rice can be called "boiled rice". - Also, boiled rice is a special kind of rice which is famous in south India. It's a bit reddish brown in color. It's called Boiled rice because it takes a little more time to cook than normal rice. It's rich in starch and keeps your body cool. See the pic in the Related Link below -

How many calories the rice flakes and puffed rice have?

There are 56 calories in 1 cup of Puffed Rice Cereal and but 1 cup of boiled rice 200 calories. It is just 1/4 of boiled rice :)

Is boiled rice fat free?


What Healthy balanced diet for a 9 month old baby?

u can give me cirilac,,milk,,boiled egg,rice,, mash patatoes,, water,, etc

Is a boiled sweet potato healthy?

yes it is healthy

Can koi carp eat boiled rice?

Carp can eat SOME boiled rice but it would not be a suitable food to be used as basic/main sustenance.

Is boiled sink water healthy?


Is a boiled potato a good substitute for rice?


Why is boiled rice rich in carbohydrates s and not boiled Noodles?

There's plenty of carbs in noodles too.

Who have more energy small energy or moderate energy a rice fried rice boiled rice or a porridge?

porridge give us high energy rice give us very small energy and boiled rice and fried rice give us moderate energy

Is rice pilaf healthy?

Rice pilaf is not considered a healthy food. It contains white rice, butter, pasta, and chicken broth which makes it high in fat and salt and carbs.