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Q: How has the definition of health changed overtime?
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How has definition of health changed overtime?

Through the discovery of different languages

How has braille changed overtime?

braille has simpiy not changed overtime

How has Health care delivery systems changed overtime?

because new inventions and new medicine

How has the equipment used for boxing changed overtime?

it has become safer overtime

How has diving changed overtime due to technology or science?

what rules have changed over time with basketball

How has changed overtime?

young famious kids only dance it

How has animation changed overtime?

It hasnt, its still as bad as before.

What is overtime?

The official definition of the word overtime is "time in addition to what is normal, as time worked beyond one's scheduled working hours."

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young famious kids only dance it

Does division 1 college football have overtime?

No college football changed the overtime rule in 1000 b.c you just won twenty dollars

How has reproduction changed overtime?

with life time reproductive power going to decrease

What is the negative definition of health?

negative definition in health is an absents of an illness and disease.