How good is sex?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Sex is not good. It is a really bad thing to do because you can get hurt hard doing it. Besides if u wanna get pregnant, do something else like other physical actions that will not harm your body in any way.

HeyHoN-G-O Says:

This Person Above Me Has Probally is probally single and has never had sex. It Is Good :D *Puts Thumbs Up*

YES it is good that person is probably still a virgin and does not know what they are talking about cause her/his parents brain washed her/him to think it was bad!sex is good for you and it feels awesome!but don't have it unless you have a condom orr you are gonna have a baby!

sex is good. But only in the right circumstances. If you're a virgin then, sex is gonna hurt. But, its not a very bad hurt. I can't explain it, when someone you find really special is up there, then it doesn't matter, because mix of these awesome sensations and new emotions, substitutes that. so do't worry about it :)

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Its like your on Cloud 9, and then upgraded for free to Cloud 27. And the Cloud numbering system stops at 12.

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Very. You feel your limbs go numb, but in a nice way. Then you cum ;P

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Q: How good is sex?
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Sex is so good because the sensation from the opposing sex is soo good :) .

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The difference between good sex and AWSOME sex ;)

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Sex is a partnership between two people if they have a rapor then the sex is particularly good. but remember sex is like piza when its good its great when its not its usually still ok.

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Sex is neither good nor bad, when the pregnancy is established.

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