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"Once more than 100-200 mg of sodium cyanide is consumed, consciousness is lost within one minute, sometimes within 10 seconds, depending on the strength of the body's immunity and the amount of food present in the stomach. After a span of about 45 minutes, the body goes into a state of coma or deep sleep and the person may die within two hours if not treated medically."

So, effectively, 10 seconds to 1 minute. Though you'd actually live longer, you'd have no idea.

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Q: How fast will sodium cyanide kill a person?
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Does touching cyanide with bare hands kill you?

Cyanide salts are easily dissolved in water, such as moisture found on the hands. It can then be absorbed into the body through the skin causing cyanide poisoning. It is better that you do not touch any cyanide salts, such as sodium or potassium cyanide.

How fast can arsenic Oxide kill you?

Don't have an idea. But potassium cyanide, when mix in water or food, will the person taking it suspects? I want to know cos a friend of mine is writing a book

If you mix sodium cynide in food will it be effective to kill someone?

yes it will kill very fast

Does cyanide always kill people?

No. dead is dead.

Can potassium cyanide kill when placed on wounds?

...from, because potassium cyanide can only kill when it is mixed with acid, producing hydrogen cyanide. in case of poisoning, the reaction occurs on digestion.

Did Hitler use cyanide to kill Jews?

Yes, hydrogen cyanide.

What pill kill 7 people in 1982?

You are referring to the cyanide that was substituted in Tylenol capsules. The Tylenol did not kill anyone, the cyanide it had been substituted with did.

How much cyanide would kill an elephant?

About 150mg of cyanide can kill a 60kg human so about 15g should kill a 6000 kg adult male elephant. The cyanide would kill the elephant in much the same way it kills humans because we are both mammals.

Do apples contain cyanide?

Yes there is cyanide in apple seeds but it would take many to kill you.

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Cars Can Become Very Fast That Why Its Easy To Kill A Human With It.

Can cyanide kill you?

Yes it is extremely toxic.

Will cyanide in contact with tongue cause death?

A mere 300 mcg of cyanide could kill a man.