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Q: How fast mush you act to help dehydration?
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What characteristics help zebras get away from predators?

Their ability to run fast, and their stripes act as a confusing mass to a predator when they are conglomerating in a herd.

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To act quickly means to think fast and come up with something.

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Enzymes reaction cycle is so fast that a single enzyme molecule typically act on about thousand substrate molecules per second.

How fast does soap act on skin bacteria?

Depends what kind of soap and yes it acts fast

How do you say fast food in Chinese?

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What does it mean to act quickly?

To act quickly means to think fast and come up with something.

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they act very lazy but when being chased can run really fast

How do bones act as levers?

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How do chicks speckles help them?

Chicks have speckles act as camouflage to break up their outline. Since chicks are defenseless and cannot move fast, they need to stay hidden from potential predators.