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It all depends on the temperature, body size, fluid intake, level of activity, ect...dehydration can occur in as little as 1-2 hours in very hot weather with extraneous activity and no fluids, but may take 1 day or more in cool temperature with little or no activity.

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Q: How fast can you become dehydrated?
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Why do animals become dehydrated?

they become dehydrated because they are just like you and me so they need water too and we are animals so that is why

When a person is sick with vomiting or diarrhea it's easy to become what?


Under what circumstances can a person become dehydrated?

Fever, vomiting, and diarrhea can cause a person to become dehydrated fairly quickly. Infants and children are especially vulnerable to dehydration. Patients can become dehydrated due to an illness, surgery, or accident

What happens when you lack water?

you become dehydrated

Can you become unresponsive if you are dehydrated?

Yes, if severely so.

How do you stop dehydration?

Well first dehydrated what? Second, dehydrated just means lack of water, so if you add/drink plenty of water then you won't become dehydrated.

Why does your rabbit become dehydrated?

by drinking it's own uraine.

When person is sick with vomiting and or diarrhea it easy to become?


Can sims on The Sims 3 become dehydrated?

No, sims cannot become dehydrated; they can however become starved if their hungry moodlet is critically low. No, sims do not have a need to drink anything, they only require food to stay alive.

What is drinking yourself dry?

drinking so much that you become dehydrated.

What happens to the body when you have nonstop diarrhea?

The body can become severely dehydrated.

When a person is sick with vomiting andor diarrhea it's easy to become .?