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its a biodrug, so the d-amp that exists inside the capsule will first need to be absorbed into body fluids and from there the liver metabolizes it into the active form of d-amphetamine thus giving the patient a "body timed extended release"

i was on it for 3 years at 70mg, i know i did better under Adderall XR but there was no generic at the time and i qualified for Shire's Patient Assist Program. I have since switched back to Adderall XR (generic! yay cheap!). Vyvanse was a very good idea on the pharm corp part to help curb Rx medication abuse (IE: Adderall insuflation, OD, Etc).

Talk to your doctor, as everyone is different to how their own body reacts to medications and drugs in general.

I think the average reported time of "feeling the onset" was within an hour of taking medication. But always, check with your Psychiatrist or General Practitioner or Favorite Psych Nurse ;-)

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Q: How fast Vyvanes will it take effect?
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