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Well, if it didn't make me a complete hypocrite, I'd say that cutting at all is cutting too deep (but saying that would make me one so let's pretend I didn't say that). On the (now relatively rare) occasions that I cut, I do lot of super shallow ones (less than two millimeters). The deepest one I've ever made was probably somewhere around three and a half centimeters but it didn't go all the way across...

If you want to know how deep it's possible to go without dying or needing to go to the hospital, that totally depends on where you cut. The skin on your wrists is really thin, so obviously if you were to cut very deep (half a centimeter maybe?) that would be fatal. As far as legs and other areas go, I'm not really sure what depth would kill someone.

Finally, please don't cut yourself (or commit suicide, if that's why you'd been asking). I know life's tough but still... Nothing is certain but certainly some things are worth it, right?

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Q: How far is too deep when it comes to cutting?
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