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its how you land that decides if you break or injure your leg

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Q: How far do you have to jump to break your leg?
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How do you break leg at home?

By being and idiot Jump from the top of the stairs Btw may break more than a leg :p

How do you break a leg AT HOME?

By being and idiot Jump from the top of the stairs Btw may break more than a leg :p

How do you break yor leg?

jump down more than 10 steps i did it b4

How did Craig mabbitt break his leg?

He tried to do a stage jump of the stage with Ronnie (the ex singer from escape the fate) and then he broke his leg.

What is a bungee jump?

Thrillseeking sport- you jump off a high platform with an elastic band on one leg or legs to break your fall.

How do you break leg?

One way to break your leg is to jump from somewhere high with your knees straight and another is to get something heavy to fall on it and another way is to kick something hard.

How do you break a leg on purpose?

Jump from the stairs from a really high distance and try to do a wrong landing.

What muscles is the largest of a frog and why?

leg muscles, because it needs to jump very far

How can you break your leg fast?

You can jump from high up and land straight, or you can place your leg on a bench and get some people to lift it up until it snaps

HOW TO BReak your leg?

If you put force on your anckle or hit your anckle hard you will have broken your leg in no time :):):):):):):):):):):):) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orr u can just jump of Ur stairs

Can Black bear jump?

They can, just not very far nor very high due to their leg structure.

How can you break a bone easily?

Jump sideways from your bed and land diagonally so that the leg you wish to break is sticking outward. This should snap it fairly quickly!!

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