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Don't pull out your ear. The ear wasn't made for this. It could have unpleasant consequences.

If you really want to know how far you can pull out your ear, well, as much as it lets you to pull it out.

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Q: How far can you pull out your ear?
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According to the Eskimo-Indian Olympics what is the world record for the ear pull event in which the contestant sees how far they can pull a sixteen pound weight with their ear?

the answer is 2886'10"

What are things you should do when you get ear tubes?

pull them out of your ear or contact a doctor

How do you take out your ear?

first,you take a knife,then cut your of,then there you go your ear.

How can you pinch someone's ear and make them relaxed?

this is some info:to make someone relax by pinching their ear, you must pinch, pull and hold their ear lobe and tell them to take a deep breath. When puling the ear lobe, you must not pull too hard, as this can be painful.hope this helps :)

What does cloute mean?

its when you tug or pull someones ear

How do you administer ear drops in a child?

To administer ear drops to a child, have the child lie on their side with the affected ear facing up. Gently pull the earlobe down and back to straighten the ear canal. Place the prescribed number of drops into the ear canal and have the child remain in that position for a few minutes to allow the drops to reach the ear drum.

Why can the bone in your ears click?

There are no bones in your ears, just cartilage and cartalige clicks sometimes because there is air between your caralige in your ear and if your pull on it the air and the cartilage are meeting making a click in your ear. And sometimes it even hurts, because that happens to me when i pull on my ear.

How can you avoid swimmers ear?

You can wear ear plugs, or everytime you get out of the water, air them out with your finger, or if you have a cap, pull it over your ears.

How do you remove a tick in a dogs ear?

Just pull it out with a pair of tweezers.

How do you get an accurate reading on ear thermometer?

tympanic, or reading from the ear, is not the best way to check a temperature especially in young children and babies. The best way is rectal or under the arm. But to answer your question, in a child, you want to pull the ear lobe gently down and out. In and adult you want to pull the top of the ear up and back. This opens the ear canal and allows for the thermometer to get an accurate reading.

What do you do when a new elephant ear leaf does not fully unfold?

pull really really hard...

Does injecting anesthesia in your ear hurt?

Because I have this growth in my ear, not too far in. My Doctor says it's far enough in though. I'm nervous, cause they're going to cut it out.