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I most cases a tourniquet should not be taken off once applied until the patient is in a surgical setting with a trauma physician.

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The tourniquet should be tied 2-4 inches above the site to be drawn. (according to ASPT guidelines)

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3-4 inches

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Q: How far above a wound should you apply a tourniquet?
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Why doesnt a tourniquet work on a femoral artery gun shot?

It does work .... unless the wound is too high to place the tourniquet above it.

When applying a touniquet you will place the tourniquet how many inches above the wound?

3-4 inches above

How do I use the word tourniquet in a sentence?

You've offered to apply a Band-Aid, when what I need is a tourniquet. Please don't apply a tourniquet unless you are certain that you can quickly deliver this patient to a doctor. Because direct pressure has not stopped the blood from gushing out of the wound, a tourniquet seems to be necessary.

What are two steps in controlling bleeding in an open wound?

apply bandage and pressure, if that don't work then tourniquet

Where is a tourniquet placed on injury?

It is placed 2 to 4 inches above the wound.

Where is Combat Applciation Tourniquet on injury extremity?

In the area of two to four inches above the wound. The everpresent Corpsman will be their momentarily. He is busy at the moment with a sucking chest wound.

Where is the CAT placed on an injured extermenty?

The CAT is a type of tourniquet. You would place it above the wound IF you cannot control bleeding with direct pressure.

When should you not use the tourniquet?

Tourniquets should only be used when profuse bleeding is present which can not be controlled or stopped by other means.

Do you apply a bandage if the wound continues to bleed?

If a wound is bleeding severely, it is best to cover it with a bandage and pressure. Direct pressure on an open wound may cause some damage, but stopping the bleeding is more important.

Cut is open and bleeding what do you do first?

It depends on how bad the cut is. For a fairly minor cuts, clean it as soon as possible with warm water and a disinfectant of some kind. Dry the area as carefully as you can, then apply a bandage. More serious cuts will need stitching, and the priority is stopping the bloodflow from the wound as soon as possible. You should apply a tourniquet, cloth, or something else which will help to staunch the blood. You should then have the wound treated professionally as soon as possible. Call 911 if the blood is really gushing.

How do you determine the lowest effective tourniquet pressure?

When the wound is no longer bleeding, then the tourniquet is tight enough. It will need to be loosened every few minutes so as to not kill the limb it is applied to.

How do you apply torniquet on infected wound?

You don't. A tourniquet is a really tight fitting band intended to compress tissue and vessels to the point where there's no blood flowing past the tourniquet. It's useful to stop heavy bleeding, but doesn't do any good at all for an infection. As the goal of a tourniquet is to stop all blood flow, it will also begin to starve the healthy tissue "downstream" of the tourniquet of blood, which will lead to further damage fairly fast. Only use them when there's really no other option.