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My son's Dr. said they are very effective. They must be worn to work. Estimated time 18 months . Daily time depends on the size of your bump.

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Q: How effective are pectus cardium braces?
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What is the meaning of pectus?

pectus means the pectal area or "chest" as it is commonly known

Can braces fix severe overbites?

iBraces from 3M Unitek are one of the most sophisticated and effective techniques. This is effective but more expensive than braces which can be seen on the outside of teeth.

What is pectus carinatum?

Pectus carinatum. In other patients with Marfan the sternum is pushed outward and narrowed.

What is pectus excavatum?

Pectus excavatum is a malformation of the chest in which the patient's breastbone, or sternum, is sunken inward.

Where do they sell pectus carniatum brace in California?

Encinitas California Pectus Services of Southern California in conjunction with Dr. Barry Losasso / West Coast Center for Pectus Excellence. 877-732-8876

What age is it most effective to have braces on your teeth?

the age when your penis turns into a fadge

Does Texas chip cover braces?

Yes, effective January 1,2011 chip will cover up to 5,200 lifetime maximum for medically needed braces.

How does pectus carinatum impact Marfan syndrome sufferers?

Although pectus carinatum does not cause breathing difficulties, it can cause embarassment about appearance.

What is the root word for pericardiectomy?

That would be "cardium".The root word is cardium meaning heart. Then Peri- for around, and -ectomy for removal have been added. So a pericardectomy is the surgical removal of the sac around the heart.

What is the goal of pectus excavatum repair?

The purpose of pectus excavatum repair surgery is to correct the deformity to improve physical appearance, posture, and breathing.

How can the chest of Marfan syndrome be deformed?

A few patients with Marfan may have a pectus excavatum on one side of their chest and a pectus carinatum on the other.

What body part does the medical root word pectus refer to?

The medical root word 'pectus' refers to the breast, chest, or thorax (Latin).