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Q: How does your air become polluted?
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Why do you not want the air to be polluted?

because if the air become polluted it serves many sick in humans

How does your Australian air become polluted?

By Americans

What is polluted places?

a air polluted place is a place in which air is polluted in India Delhi is the most polluted

What happens when hot air and polluted air get together?

It becomes hot polluted air.

What would happen to your environment if everyone trash it?

It would become polluted and it's inheritance would become sick from dirty air

Is there a such thing as stale air?

The air could be polluted so I guess that polluted air could count as stale.

Is India's air getting polluted?

Yes it is being polluted.

What is called air?

Pollution; Polluted air.

Is mount Everest's air polluted?

No, the air around Mount Everest is not polluted, there is nothing there to cause any pollution.

What is dirty air called?

Pollution; Polluted air.

How air polluted by hurning fuels?

The fuels get polluted because we throw our trash and garbage and burn them, because of this the air is also get polluted. We should take the right for saving our ENVIORMENT.

Is polluted an adjective?

No, it is not an adjective. Pollutant is a noun. Polluted would be an adjective.