How does water sustain life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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water is the only thing we literally can not live without. With out water, we would get de-hydrated and die of thirst. Of course we also need air to breath, food and warmth.

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Q: How does water sustain life?
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Is planet mercury suitable for life?

Not currently. It does not have oxygen and water to sustain life.

Why is their a water cycle?

There is a water cycle because it is necessary to sustain life on Earth.

Water has sufficient dissolved oxygen to sustain aquatic life?

Water does have sufficient dissolved oxygen to sustain aquatic life. This is true because aquatic life has adapted to the limited oxygen using gills.

What are the features of the earth are necessary to sustain life?

Apart from water, you need oxygen in the air to sustain life on earth. With these two indispensable features, both mankind,animals and botanical reserves sustain life on this planet.

What are the pros for coral reefs?

They sustain the coral life in the water

What r the examples of anamous behavior of water?

to sustain life and comfort

How does the earth sustain life?

water, Oxygen, CO 2 Minerals

Can planet Mars sustain life?

there is NO living life on Mars b/c there is no liquid water on it.

Why is earth livable?

earth can sustain life because it has lots of oxygen and water

Does Jupiter have sustain life?

No Jupiter doesn't sustain life.

Do all living cells exist in liquid environments?

Life as we know it depends on liquid water to sustain life.

What are the basc substances important to life?

If you mean to sustain life, the basics are carbon and water (hydrogen and oxygen), as far as I know.