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it is responsible for one's spatial awareness - where things are in realtion to other things

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Q: How does the medulla help you drive a car?
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How is the medulla active while driving a car?

The Medulla is at the base of the brain stem and is the part of the brain that controls your heartbeat and breathing, etc. Therefore, when driving, the Medulla is active in ways such as controlling your heartbeat if a deer were to run in front of you for instance. Your heart rate would increase along with your respiration.

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What part of the brain stem includes the cardiac and vasomotor centers?

The Medulla Oblongata

What part of the brain controls heart rate blood pressure breathing and swallowing?

There are three vital centers in the medulla which control the heartbeat, the rate of breathing, and the diameter of the blood vessels. Centers that help coordinate swallowing, vomiting, hiccoughing, coughing, and sneezing are also located in the medulla.

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