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well technically the body absorbes the calcium in the blood stream and in the bones and the body digests food with iron in it so really the iron is digested into the body then on the way down the iron is broken down into compounds and goes into the blood stream and into the bones and other parts of the body.

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Q: How does the body use calcium and iron?
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The most common mineral in the body is?

Diamond No its calcium.

What is the second most common metal in the human body?


Calciun and iron are examples of?

Calcium (dairy products/cheese) and iron (eggs/fish) are examples of minerals; calcium is a major mineral. They are both healthy for your body.

Which ion in periodic table used in the body?

sodium potassium calcium iron

Inorganic substances such as calcium and iron that are needed by the body in small amounts?


There are so important to keep your body healthy example iron calcium what are they?

Calcium is the super nutrient needed to make strong bones and teeth. Iron is essential in the production of blood.

Is calcium a mineral or a vitamin?

It is a mineral. Like iron and zinc it is metallic in its purist form (or as an element). +++ The body cannot use it in its pure state as it is a highly reactive metal, but we do use calcium compounds to give us the calcium used in bones and teeth. Those compounds are not, however, vitamins.

What do calcium and iron do?

Both iron and calcium are metals. Iron is a transition metal, calcium is an alkaline earth metal.

What do iron and calcium have common?

Both iron and calcium are metals. Iron is a transition metal, calcium is an alkaline earth metal.

What are mineral found in your body?

Minerals in the body include calcium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron, and others.

How does iron and calcium help your body?

It helps to make your bones stronger and your blood richer in minerals! :)

Can you take calcium and iron together?

I am no expert in taking medicine but I do have some information for you. I suggest you ask your local doctor if a multivitamin calcium and iron supplement can be taken at the same time. If you don't ask for advice, it could cause you problems in future. Depending on your condition your doctor will advise you and help you choose the right medicine