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The body will heal around metal plates because the plates cure the body

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Q: How does the body heal around metal plates?
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Does a metal plate in youre head means you are crazy?

Not always doctors will insert metal plates under the skin to repair skull damge than would otherwise be unable to heal

How do you heal internally where there is little air?

you don't need air to heal. your body has many different hormones, chemicals and cells which work together to heal areas. these use the blood vessels and lymphatics to move around the body! is this what you mean?

Why is it warm around the area where i got stung by a flying insect?

Because the body is trying to heal the wound.

How long does it take for a kittens nose to heal after bumping into metal?

The amount of time for a kittens nose to heal after getting injured on metal will depend on the severity of the injury. Usually, if the injury was not bad, the nose should heal within a week.

Is your body rejecting your piercings?

yes your body is rejecting piercings, for example when you pierce your ear, you are inserting a metal rod through your skin.. your body immediately knows that something is wrong and wants to heal, which causes your ear to swell and hurt that's when white cells kick in, and your body also tries to fight the bacteria that goes in and the body tries not to get sick. your body does not want some metal object in it, its just not something natural for it. therefore your body is rejecting the piercing but it cant grow around it. but piercing eventually close depending on how wide it is... i hope this helped :)

Can the mind heal the body?


What do doctors use to break bones surgically?

Procedures will likely vary depending upon the location and the extent of damage but tends to use metal pins, screws, plates or rods to hold everything in place so the bone can heal.

How do scabs help body heal?

Your body creates scabs to protect the inside of the wound/sore from infection so it has time to heal

Does wolverine's adamantium bones heal?

Yes, all parts of wolverine's body can heal

Can bones heal after they are broken?

If bones are broken and heal, they always heal themselves when they are broken. All a doctor can do is see that they are properly set so they can heal properly and not at an angle. The body does the actual healing. A number of people walk around with improperly healed fractures.

Can you get fully functional wolverine claws inserted into your knuckles?

its impossible your vains would get cut by the metal claws and it put weight on your hand causing strain on your body but if you can heal in minutes its possible.

What part of your body does not heal?

The heart does not have the capacity to heal itself, which is why heart attacks are often fatal.