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Usually by their actions - and peer 'whispers'. If (for example) a girl has many boyfriends in a short time - she can be labelled as 'easy' or 'loose'. This would also be the case if the roles were reversed.

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Q: How does someone get a reputation?
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Are there different types of reputation?

Yes, for instance someone can have a good reputation, while someone else can have a bad reputation.

What is writing or publishing comments that hurt someone's reputation?

Libel is publishing FALSE statements that hurts someone's reputation. People can sue for damages to their reputation.

What is harming someone's reputation by speaking lies?

This is known as defamation. It occurs when false statements are made about someone that harm their reputation. It can result in legal consequences.

What was Jeremiah's reputation in the court of Jerusalem?

Jeremiah"s Reputation . Is it someone gloomy. Not one to be envied or to be proud of?

Can you sue someone for spoiling your reputation?

Yes, you can sue someone for spoiling your reputation. This is called slander. A person can file slander charges on their own or hire an attorney.

Old word for someone of a dubious reputation?


How do you get reputation points on Tales of Pirates?

Be Mentor of someone (disciple then), each time he lvls you get reputation if you are online too

What does it mean to tarnish someone's reputation?

When someone says that you'll tarnish their reputation, it means that you'll make people think worse of them than they do already. Tarnishing a reputation causes people to look down on the person more and think worse of them in general.

The act of injuring someone reputation in writing is called?

Slander- Spoken false statement that damage another person's reputation.

How do you write a reputation letter?

In a reputation letter you are recommending someone for a position and your own reputation is affected by how they perform. Stay factual with what you know to be true about the person. Leave out all opinions.

Is reputation a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'reputation' is a common noun, a general word for the beliefs or opinions that are held about someone or something.

Is reputation a noun?

Yes, the word 'reputation' is a noun, a word for the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something; a word for a thing.