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they share their dope says mr. dory

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Q: How does psychrophiles make their energy happy?
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How does psychrophiles make their energy?

they share their dope says mr. dory

How do phsycrophiles make their energy?

Psychrophiles make their energy through photosynthesis (like plants), lithotrophy, which this uses inorganic compounds to produce energy and to this day is understood to be exclusive to microorganisms, and heterotrophy, meaning they consume other microorganisms or other forms of organic matter.

What is the definition of psychrophiles?

Psychrophiles are organisms that thrive in cold temperatures, typically between 0°C and 20°C. They have adapted to survive in these extreme cold conditions and may be found in polar regions, deep-sea environments, or high-altitude areas where temperatures remain low.

What microbes are in colds?


How does psychrophiles make energy?

it grows in moist coniton in geothermal vents

What would be the effect of storage of the storage of the mince meat for 5 days in the refrigerator before assaying on the ratio of psychrophiles to mesophiles?

The population of psychrophiles should increase compared to mesophiles.

Does hamsters make you happy?

yeah if you'r a hamster type of person, and they probably with make you happy when you play with them, because they are nothing but innocent and give you positive energy.

What makes an atom happy?

Introducing energy to an atom will make atoms happy. They will move around until they change their original composition entirely.

What conditions do psychrophiles live in?

Extreme cold. Typically the Arctic and Antarctic oceans.

What metabolic and structural adaptations for extreme temperatures have psychrophiles and thermophiles made of?

Psychrophiles have developed membrane fluidity to maintain functionality at low temperatures, while thermophiles have enzymes and proteins that are stable and active at high temperatures. Additionally, both types of extremophiles have evolved protective mechanisms to prevent cellular damage, such as chaperone proteins and compatible solutes to help stabilize their cellular structures.

Which group of bacteria is expected to cause spoilage to the food in fridge storage?

psychrophiles and psychrotrophs

What allows psychrophiles to live in their habitat?

Psychrophiles have adapted to live in cold environments by producing cold-adapted enzymes that are active at low temperatures. They also have lipid membranes that remain fluid at cold temperatures, helping to maintain membrane integrity and function. Additionally, they often have mechanisms to protect their cellular components from freezing, such as producing antifreeze proteins.