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You can get pinched nerves which will become painful as you get older, also good posture is a sign of confidence.

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It may effect efficient lung capacity if the posture is really bad. And then there may be other problems as they get older.

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Q: How does poor posture affect the function of internal organs?
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What are the parts and function of the muscular system?

function is to move the body parts and the internal organs as well as maintains body posture. this system of the human body also produces heat

Which function do the ribs have in the skeletal system?

The primary function if the ribcage is to protect the internal vital organs (heart & lungs) and to provide support for the structure of your body. Think of your position or posture if there were no ribs in the torso...

What is the function of a shell?

The function of a shell is to protect an organism's internal organs.

Does fibromyalgia affect internal organs?

Fibromyalgia does not directly affect your internal organs. However, often those with Fibromyalgia do suffer from co-existing conditions that may impact a variety of organs and tissues.

What is the function of breastbone?

To hold tour ribcage together and protect your internal organs.

What is the function of heading?

the head protects our brains and other internal organs that are in our head

What is the job of the muscular systems?

The function of the muscular system is to, with the aid of bone, provide movement for the body. The muscle also helps protect some organs in the body, as well as give us our shape and structure. Also aids in posture. Well, You really did miss a very good point you forgot that The Muscular System also, Helps your body move and internal organs.

What is the internal growth of an organism?

Internal growth can include several things. It can include the growth of cells, tissues, and organs. Cells can multiply or grow, which will affect the growth of tissues and organs.

List three function of the spine?

The spine protects the spinal cord, nerve roots and several of the bodyâ??s internal organs. Is also provides structural support to the body and helps with balance to maintain an upright posture. Additionally, it enables flexible motion.

What is the major function of the axial skeleton?

The major function of the Axial Skeleton is to provide central support for the body and protect the internal organs

What is the function of the septum in an earthworm?

Septums help separate an earthworm's internal cavities into sections of different organs.

Can Cells contain internal structures called organs?

No, cells cannot contain organs. Cells are small, and several cells together form tissues, which then form organs. The parts inside a cell are called organelles, and organelles function in a cell the way organs function in a body.