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Physical activity stimulates the "happy chemicals" in your body and makes you more likely to talk or interact with people. When you are exercising you normally feel exited, until you are tired that is. Social health can rise with the more physical activity done.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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one word, confidence.

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Q: How does physical activity benefit your social health?
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How does physical activity benefit each side of the health triangle?

Physical is obvious... it's physical activity Mental: it helps you relax and clear your mind Social: Most of the team activity involves a team sport or people to do the activity with

Last five of physical activity and idenefit as either a physical mental and emotional social benefit?

Is to

What is health composed of?

physical health social health mental and emotional health

Can Scuba Diving Benefit Your Health?

Yes, scuba diving can definetly benefit your health through physical fitness, cardiovascular health, respiratory health, stress relief, mental well-being, increased flexibility, and of course social interaction.

What is the definition for physical activity?

Any bodily activity that enhances or maintains bodily fitness and overall health or wellness.

How will your health most likely be affected of you follow the recommended guidelines for sleep rest physical activity?

Social relationship will improve

Do sports help your health?

yes, they help your physical health mostly, mental health and social health also benefit from sports but not as much as physical.

Are physical mental and social the 3 aspects of health?

Yes it is physical mental and social are 3 aspect of health Physical about your health body Mental about your feeling Social about making friends

What are the physical and social health?

Physical health is being active and social health means you have at least a couple strongly close friends

How does physical activity promote social behavior?

Physical activity promotes social behavior such that when you do physical activity such as labor, exercise, going out for a run and others, you get also to interact with people whom you meet while doing these physical activity. In a way it makes you more social and go out more. Sports is one physical activity that is the best example of how physical activity can help promote social behavior. Since you play or compete, you are bound to interact socially with your own team and your competetors.

List four benefits of physical activity Identify each benefit as either a physical mental and emotional or social benefit?

ex: be healthy, mentally relaxed feel good about your self, play sports and have good condition in sports like soccer :)

What is Health triangle?

The Health Triangle refers to our physical, mental, and social health.