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Q: How does osmosis work with pictures?
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What are the consequences for a cell if it cannot carryout osmosis and diffusion effectively?

The cell will work but not very well because osmosis and diffusion did not occur but sometimes it will work anyways

What is the ability of a solution to do work by osmosis?

The ability of a solution to do work by osmosis is determined by its osmotic pressure, which is the pressure needed to stop the flow of solvent into the solution through a semipermeable membrane. Solutions with higher osmotic pressure can exert more force and do more work through osmosis.

Do cells have to work to make osmosis happen?

No, osmosis is a type of diffusion. Diffusion never requires work. Osmosis occurs when water seeks equilibrium. The water will naturally try to have the same amount of solvents in it without work from the cell. You can do osmosis experiments using a dialysis bag. Put solvent (such as sugar) in the bag with some water. Then put the bag in a cup of water. Watch what happens :)

How does osmosis in plants work?

Osmosis is the movement of water across a selectively soluble membrane driven by a difference in solute concentrations. Osmosis in plants is the absorption of water from soil through the roots.

How does osmosis work in the lung?

Osmosis does not work very well in the lung: osmosis is the movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane. Under ideal circumstances, there is very little-to-no liquid in the lungs. Gases move by diffusion across the cells of the alveoli and adjacent capillaries.

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Where can you get pictures of Edna Manley's work?

i want to find were i could get some pictures of edna manleys work

How did Jean-Antoine Nollet discover osmosis?

Jean-Antoine Nollet did not discover osmosis. Osmosis was first observed and described by Jean-Antoine Nollet's contemporary, Abbe Nollet. Nollet's work focused more on electricity and magnetism.

How does reverse osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis filters certain types of molecules and ions by applying pressure on one side of the membrane. Reverse osmosis works by introducing a large amount of pressure to a solution to remove large molecules and/or ions completely. This process is similar to other osmosis exercises.

At what temperature does osmosis work best?

Osmosis works best at moderate temperatures around 20-40°C. Extreme temperatures can denature the proteins and disrupt the cell membrane's structure, and consequently, osmosis may not function optimally.

Passive transport of water is known as?


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