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FAT people smell

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Q: How does obesity or age and or gender affect heat dissipation?
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How does age gender and obesity affect heat dissipation?

Higher body fat levels affect the body's ability to dissipate heat, children and older adults also have the same problem.

Can alcohol alter heat dissipation?

Either consumed or applied to the skin, alcohol increases heat dissipation.

Is heat load and heat dissipation same?

No, heat load refers to the amount of heat energy that a system generates or absorbs, while heat dissipation is the process by which this heat energy is transferred or released into the surrounding environment. Heat load is the input, while heat dissipation is the output.

Is heat rejection the same as heat dissipation?

No, heat rejection and heat dissipation are not the same. Heat rejection refers to the process of transferring heat from one place to another, such as releasing heat from a system into the surroundings. Heat dissipation, on the other hand, is the dispersion of heat within a system to lower its temperature.

What is used for heat dissipation in ICs?

heat sinks

How did heat end?

It ended in dissipation.

What is the mathematical relationship between heat dissipation and applied voltage?

Heat dissipation is directly proportional to the square of the applied voltage according to Joule's Law. This means that as the voltage increases, the heat dissipated in a circuit also increases quadratically. The relationship is represented by the formula: Heat dissipation = V^2/R, where V is the voltage and R is the resistance in the circuit.

Is radiation the primary means of heat dissipation during exercise in the heat in children.?

No, in children the primary means of heat dissipation during exercise in the heat is through evaporation (sweating) rather than radiation. Children have less developed thermoregulatory systems compared to adults, which can affect their ability to dissipate heat efficiently. It is important to monitor children closely during physical activity in hot conditions to prevent overheating.

What is the heat dissipation loss formula?

The heat dissipation loss formula is typically given by the equation: Heat Dissipation Loss = I^2 * R where I is the current passing through the component and R is the resistance of the component. This formula is commonly used to calculate the amount of heat generated and lost by a resistor or any other electrical component due to the flow of current.

Does air pressure eventually cause a thermal to dissipate?

Air pressure itself does not cause a thermal to dissipate. However, changes in air pressure can affect the movement of air molecules and impact the distribution of heat in a thermal system. This can lead to changes in temperature gradients and affect the dissipation of heat.

What is the difference between power consumption and power dissipation?

A: POWER consumption is total power usage power dissipation is wasted power in the form of heat, IR drop and so on.

Term used to describe how much heat a circuit dissipates?

Power dissipation.