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it can break your eardrum

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Q: How does noise affect your health?
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How can Noise affect people's health?

Noise can affect people by the surrounding there are in. For example if you are somewhere where there is alot of music, there is a possibility that you can get deaf or ear problems. So i suggest that you keep away from surroundings that has alot of sound or noise cause it can damage your hearing effect and also cause you to get deaf and have to seek medical attention.

Can noise pollution affect one's health?

Noise pollution is harmful to humans in various ways. This mainly causes impaired hearing, headaches, stress and so much more.

When was noise identified as an occupational health hazard?

Noise was recognized by specialists as an occupational health hazard at least as early as the 1940s.

Does noise affect taste?

Noise does not affect taste. However, a noisy environment may also include dust and chemicals that could affect the taste.

How did trains affect society?

Because of it noise,it has too much noise

Health effects caused by noise pollution?

Noise pollution can caused a person "deaf".

How can a stigma affect your health?

how can a stigima affect your health risk?

What are five sources of noise that can affect a bit on a wire?

geological noise electronic noise vacuum cleaner gas lamp uncontrolled ground noise

How do these superstitious beliefs affect health?

How do these superstitiousbeliefs affect health?In: Mental Health [Edit categories]

Will a Zeus' Lighting Bolt affect my horses health?

No, it will not affect the health.

How Watson and crick affect health?

How watson and crick affect health?

How does homosexuality affect your health?

Homosexuality does not affect your health in any way. Only unsafe sexual practices (of any orientation) can affect your health.