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it tears the family foundation apart

if no lies are ever discovered, and only one lies, i will very little. but if discovered, it can lead to deep mistrust, and then the family goes downhill and breaks apart

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Lying tears apart relationships. If you lie to the other person, they are very likely to find out. When they find out, they will confront you with the issue. Lying also breaks the trust that you place in one another. Loyalty and honestly play a major role in every relationship. If you aren't honest, you might as well not even be in a relationship because it is most likely not going to end well. You should care for the other person enough that you shouldn't have to lie to them.

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* When you lie around those that trust and love you then they are very hurt and they are given no choice, but to take every word that comes out of your mouth as a lie. A person who constantly lies will lose many of those special people in their lives or at the very least the person that lies will be ignored. If one is a compulsive liar there are reasons why they are (low self esteem; putting a dramatic twist on a fairly dull event in their lives; lie about their education or that they have more money than they actually have, etc.) Psychological counseling is a must in this case. The person who lies will be the loser otherwise. Everyone tells a white lie every so often. Example: If someone asks if you think they are very obese you may not want to hurt their feelings and tell them you don't consider them obese, but they could lose about 25 pounds. To lie about who and what you are is lying to yourself and many people from all walks of life have friends who have high incomes with good jobs, BUT also friends who may be poor to middle income people. It's what is inside of a person that counts. If an individual tries their best in every aspect of their life then they should be proud of themselves and not lie about who they are or what they have achieved.

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Q: How does lying affect a family?
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