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Its different with everybody because when I first saw my husband my heart skipped a beat then it started beating faster. With him when he first saw me he felt shocked.
1st sight love is usually known as 'love at first sight'. Love at first sight means when a man and a women just first met, they immediately fell in love with each other.

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Some people claim to have fallen in love at first sight. This is a rare occurrence. But be cautious in love. Take your time to really get to know each other.

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Q: How does love at first sight feel?
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Why is love created at 'Love at 1st sight'?

love is not created at first sight. it is atraction at first sight. love is not created at first sight. it is atraction at first sight.

How does Romeo feel for julliet?

romeo is deeply in love with juliet. he has an amazing amount of passion for her, and it was love at first sight for them both.

Is love at first sight true?

I believe in love at first sight where you catch there eye and feel something different. Love at first sight is a ridiculous concept. Sexual attraction at first sight on the other hand is not unusual at all. If there is a sexual attraction that is acted upon leading to a sexual relationship which then brings about a situation where feelings for each other blossom into the love that is beyond sex then you are in luck. But love at first sight doesn't make any sense at all. As a matter of fact there are probably a lot of single mothers wondering what happened to their love at first sight. I feel the same. Love at first sight? no way that is so stupid. I like to know the person, not love them right away.No..Love At First sight is very true.When you look at someone you automatically know if you get an attraction.I think that is what love at first sight is.I have felt it. When I looked at my husband for the first time I said to myself he is the one, that man right there. We are now happily married with four kids.

What inspires love?

attraction attraction beasuse if you meet someone and love them it is called love at first sight you feel like you are attracted to the person.

Is there such a thing as love as first site?

This is a topic that is very controversial and it really depends on what you believe and how you feel. I believe there is lust at first sight. There is no way in telling who a person is by just the sight of them. You need to get to know them and spend time with the person before you decide if you love them or not. People say it is love at first sight but it really means you are physically attracted to the person. I have never experienced seeing someone and obtaining a soulmate kind of feeling. Again it all depends on who you feel but to me its lust at first sight.

Is this a noun love at first sight?

The word 'love' is a noun; the word 'sight' is a noun, the object of the preposition 'at'.The term 'love at first sight' is a noun phrase.

How do you forget your love at first sight?

you will probably never forget your love at first sight, or even your first love for that matter. it was your first. you will always remember your first.

What is the answer dingbats Sight Cite Site are to the left of love?

Love at first sight :)

What is the duration of Love at First Sight film?

The duration of Love at First Sight - film - is 1.5 hours.

How does time factor into the love at first sight equation?

Ive had that love at first sight we where together in a couple hours

What about love at first sight?

Love does not happen at first sight. It is only the infatuation that takes place on getting the first glance of a person

Can love at first sight tune out to be a real love?

You might have loved at first sight but you will never know if it was love or not until time proves it.