How does ipecac work?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ipecac contains chemicals that irritate the digestive tract and trigger the brain to cause vomiting. Depending on what poison was ingested, it should not be used--some caustic materials would cause more damage.

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Q: How does ipecac work?
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Can you use activated charcoal and ipecac at the same time?

Charcoal should not be given together with syrup of ipecac. The charcoal will adsorb the ipecac. Charcoal should be taken 30 minutes after ipecac or after the vomiting from ipecac stops.

If you take ipecac together with birth control pillsdoes the birth control still work?

Vomiting your birth control pill is not effective. Please get help -- using ipecac is dangerous.

When was ipecac invented?

Ipecac was first invented in the 18th century.

The medication administered to produce vomiting?

Syrup of ipecac. Its referred to as an emetic.

Is ipecac over the counter medicine?

yes, ipecac is over-the-counter

When was Ipecac Neat created?

Ipecac Neat was created on 2004-03-16.

When was Ipecac Recordings created?

Ipecac Recordings was created on 1999-04-01.

What drug promotes vomiting?

Syrup of Ipecac, sometimes referred to as just "Ipecac."

What are the 2 categories of ipecac preparations?

A syrup used in standard medical practice and a homeopathic remedy.Syrup of ipecac is best for use at home to treat accidental poisoning. Ipecac fluid extract and ipecac tincture should be avoided.

When was Ipecac Recordings discography created?

Ipecac Recordings discography was created in 1999-04.

How is activated charcoal and syrup of ipecac taken together to treat poisoning?

Ipecac must be used first. Activated charcoal should not be taken until 30 minutes after taking syrup of ipecac, or until the vomiting caused by ipecac stops.

Can Ipecac save people from alcohol poisoning?

Probably not. Ipecac should not be given to people who are in, or potentially in, a coma, and by the time the symptoms become evident, the alcohol is already in the intestines where the ipecac will have no effect.