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Type your answer here... by hurting them and injurying them

and makeing them unconshis

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Q: How does injury affect a persons health?
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How does injury affect persons everyday needs?

injury can affect our health by damaging our body for example serious Head injury or back injury so it can affect our mobility.

How would a lack of villi affect a persons health?


What can failure to use proper ergonomic practices affect?

Failure to use proper ergonomic practices can affect your health.

How do the applications of microscopes affect on the persons life?

better health care for one

If someone had an injury that damaged the cerebellum how would that affect the persons ability to drive a car?

If someone had an injury that damaged the cerebellum it would that affect the persons ability to drive a car. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for the coordination of motor control and once its is damaged, driving might be almost impossible.

How can drinking from rivers and ponds affect a persons health?

It contains poisonous chemicals that imperils your lives.

How does drug misuse affect a persons health and well being?

Intoxication can adversely affect an individual in a variety of ways, depending on the toxin and individual.

Can you give me a sentence with the word adverse in it?

An excessive use of alcohol may have an adverse affect on a persons health.

Can a person join the military with hiv?

Because HIV is contagious and deadly and affect the persons health and fitness.

Why would a persons self-esteem affect his or her health?

because low self-esteem comes from a bad diet, which is bad for a person's physical and mental/emotional health!

How does losing sleep affect your health?

it can lead to: -high blood pressure -weight gain -depression -diabetes -higher chance of injury

Why do colors affect a persons mood?

colors affect a persons mood because of there body lanuge