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through injections, snorting, or smoking it.

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Q: How does heroin get in your body?
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What body system excretes heroin?

none.. the body has opioid receptors.. opiates are not always heroin.. its your brainnn

How is heroin ingested into the body?

Heroin can be taken into the body in a few different ways. Just like morphine it can be injected or taken orally. Heroin is also often smoked.

What does heroin do long term to the body?

Not much, but since heroin is illegal, society will break your body and kill you before your time.

How can you cleanse heroin out of system?

You can't. The body stores heroin in body fat for up to a month and in hair for up to 6 months.

Does heroin turn into morphine after its injected into the body?

Heroin is metabolized into morphine inside the body. Heroin is the 3,6-diacetyl ester of morphine, and these ester groups are cleaved in vivo to produce morphine.

Does heroin harm your body?

no. but it harms your health.

What body system does heroin affect?

The liver.

What is the heroin ileana body size?


What does the body bio transform Heroin into?


Is morphine in heroin?

No, not unless the chemical process used to make it was less than precise. Heroin is made from morphine, and heroin converts to morphine in the body.

What part of the body you can inject heroin?

The parts of the body you can inject heroin are anywhere you can find a steady vain to insert the needle.. for example : arm, neck, foot, hand, groin, between toes or fingers. Also another way of injecting heroin is called "skin popping" this indicates that you can inject heroin in any muscle of your body.

How do you detox heroin out of your body?

you shouldnt do it in the first place.....

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