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Fiber is sometimes called "Roughage." Why? Because it's rough, in a good way.

See, when you digest food, build up can... build up, on the intestines. However, your body cannot digest fiber. Because it cannot be digested, as the fiber passes through your digestive system, it scrapes off the build up. That's how it helps you.

You know those fish in an aquarium that clean the glass? Fiber is kind of like those fish. It cleans up!

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Q: How does eating fiber help your excretory system?
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How does the excretory system help the body?

The excretory system help the body by excreting unnecessary things from our body

What are the benefits of eating foods that are high in fiber?

High fiber foods can help regulate your digestive system. Also they can help you feel fuller for longer, which can aid in weight loss efforts.

What does the urethra do to help the excretory system?

does nothing

What is the 5 elements of excretory system?

what are eliments of our urinary system...please help me

How does the excretory system help maintain homeostasis?

By eliminating its wastes

How does the Excretory system help body maintain homeostasis?

By eliminating waste.

Why do we need fiber in our daily diet?

It helps to clean out your digestive system, and has even been shown to prevent type 2 diabetes (in some cases) and can help you maintain a healthy weight.

What does the excretory system and the digestive system have in comin?

The digestive and excretory system both help facilitate materials to their designated destination. The digestive system breaks down organic material to nutrients and unnecessary materials. The excretory system takes those unnecessary materials and remove them from the system.

What are the benefits of eating an apple daily?

Apples provide fiber that help move food through your digestive system. They also have some vitamins and minerals.

How does the excretory system of a falcon work?

I need to know this too! someone help!

Does eating grapes help bowel movement?

yes any fruit does because it contain indigestible fiber which helps push things through your digestive system, but there are things that have much more fiber than grapes.

Is eating fiber a problem?

No. Actually, fiber is very important for a person's health and should be eaten naturally to help with digestion.