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it can cause skin cancer and Patchy skin hyperpigmentation, small focal keratoses, and other skin lesions are common effects of heavy chronic exposure.

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Q: How does arsenic affect the skin when ingested?
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What does arsenic do if ingested?

Arsenic is a poison and will kill you if ingested

How can arsenic be spread?

Arsenic is a poison, it is ingested (eaten).

Can arsenic posing affect the pancreas?

yes, arsenic poising can affect th pancreas

What element is dangerous when ingested?

Kind of vague, but if you're looking for a good time, arsenic is the answer.

Which element is poisonous if ingested and this is why other metals are used in its place to perform its previous functions?


What metal element can be poisonous if ingested?

Metal poisoning is a toxic accumulation of metals in the body. Some metal elements that are poisonous if ingested are mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic and cadmium.

How does arsenic affect human life?


What are the effects of ammonia on the body?

Ingested inhaled or skin contact?

Is turpentine dangerous?

yes it can cause skin irretation and can be deadly if ingested

What are facts about arsenic?

Arsenic is known to be a highly poisonous element. long term exposure to Arsenic in low doses can cause skin discolouration, corns and warts. In higher doses will lead to death. There are small quantities found in apple seeds. Arsenic is also used both in rat poison and cigarettes

How can copper affect people health?

if copper is ingested it can cause a blood disease.

Is acohol an inhibitor?

Alcohol, when ingested, is a depressant and a drug that negatively affect judgment.