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Q: How does an older woman seduce a younger man?
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How does a younger girl seduce an older man?

It is not hard for the right young girl to seduce the right older man. The man just has to be attracted to some aspect of the younger girl.

How would you seduce an older women?

Difficult. Older women wiser, been around, see your plan. If lucky, older woman fancy you. Not likely. ---- On the other hand... Sometimes an older woman is not such a princess and can actually understand the idea of give and take in a relationship. And she might have earned the enjoyment of a vigorous young male's company by being more of an equal partner to him (while gently contributing to his education) than a fresh young thing who simply expects to be worshiped. My suggestion would be: Don't try to seduce the older woman. Let her seduce you. Watch and learn. it's difficult. older woman wants to find the older man and not pay attention to the younger man

When Marriage of younger men with older women?

A marriage between a younger man and older woman is not as easily accepted as that of a younger woman and older man. When a younger man marries and older woman, there are still some people who assume money is involved and it may not be a marriage based on love.

Can a older woman marry a younger man?


What is a younger man seeking older woman called?

A younger man seeking an older woman is commonly referred to as a "cub" in the context of age-gap relationships.

What do you call a younger man dating an older woman?

'Cougar' is the common slang term used for an older woman who dates a younger man. The man in the relationship can sometimes be referred to as the 'cub' but the term is not quite as prevalent.

If an older woman dating younger man called a cougar what would is an older man dating younger women called?

Cradle Robber edit: cradle robber is for either sex dateing a younger than legal age person. Sugar Daddy is older guy with younger woman. other answers are: lucky ba$t4rd horny old goat pervert

Would an older man like a younger chubby woman?

I don't see why not :)

What are the release dates for Crisis Counselor - 1982 Younger Woman - Older Man 1-169?

Crisis Counselor - 1982 Younger Woman - Older Man 1-169 was released on: USA: 5 October 1982

What are the cons of an older woman younger man relationship?

The cons of an older woman younger man relationship are very much subjective and about the tastes of the individual. Generally she will age faster meaning they might have less in common and he will be more likely to be drawn to younger women later.

What is a man who is dating an older woman called?

He could be called a "cub" or a "toy boy." These terms are often used to describe a younger man in a relationship with an older woman.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wasser - 2014?

The cast of Wasser - 2014 includes: Robert Goodman as Man (older) Jamie Hawes as Caretaker Lorraine Hilton as Woman (older) Elizabeth Menabney as Woman (younger) Nikos Poursanidis as Man (younger)