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Its the metric system. 1mL=1000mg milliliter, milligram

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No! They are completely different. ml is as volume measurement, mg is the amount of the drug in the tablet/mixture.

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No,different units of measure are never the same

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Q: How does an ml compare to an mg?
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Is ml smaller than mg?

if this is a serious question then this is a possible answer ml is millilitre (volume) mg is milligram ( weight ) so a ml of something might be more than a mg less than a mg or equal to a mg you can only compare them if you use a specific substance

What is the conversion of mg to ml?

0.4 mg to ml

How do you convert 262 mg to ml?

262 mg to ml

What is 6 mg equivalent to in ml?

convert 6 mg to ml

How many ml is 2.5 mg?

This cannot be sensibly answered. A milliliter (mL or ml) is a measure of volume, mg is a measure of weight or mass.

How many mg in cc of medication?

it depends on the concentration of the medication... in mg/ml... you can convert mg/ml to mg/cc as 1 ml = 1 cc. If your medication is at a concentration of 10 mg/ml, then you have 10 mg in 1 cc. You can calculate 1 mg in 0,1 cc.

7.5 ml is equal to 1 mg hence 1 ml is equal to how many mg?

Accordingly, 1 ml = 1/7.5 mg = 0.133 mg

If 45 mg of a medicine is ordered and the drug is available in 75mgml how many ml?

You should calculate this way : 75 mg = 1 ml 45 mg = ? ml ( 45 mg x 1ml ) / 75 mg = 0,6 ml

How many mg per ml are needed to administer 2 g in 150 ml per minutes?

1g = 1000 mg → 2 g = 2 × 1000 mg = 2000 mg → 2 g in 150 ml = 2000 mg per 150 ml = 2000 ÷ 150 mg per 150 ÷ 150 ml = 13 1/3 mg per ml

5 mg per ml you need 1 mg?

0.2 ml

How do you convert 7 mg to ml?

You can not convert mg (weight) to volume (ml).

How many mg per ml in 20ml polyfuser of 8.4 percent sodium bicarbonate?

84 mg/ml, or 1680 mg/20 ml