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Eating a lot, drinking a lot of water and working out.

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Q: How does an athlete stay healthy?
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Why are all 7 food groups important for an athlete?

so that they stay fit and healthy

What sort of diet does an athlete need?

I think the athlete needs a healthy diet

You have been a professional athlete for twenty years and ABCD Vitamins helped you stay healthy you liked the product so much you bought the compan?


How does an athlete train for an event?

they eat healthy

What does an athlete have to do to maintain their health?

All the above

Why a chef to stay healthy?

Because they need to stay healthy

Is 80 bpm a healthy heart rate for an athlete?

Yes, 80bpm is a healthy resting heart rate.

How do you get out of a toxic relationship and stay healthy?

you answered your own question get out and stay healthy

How can you stay in shape as a track and field athlete?

Run laps.

Why should an athlete be healthy in football?

If a athlete is not healthy they wont have enough energy to do what they are doing or doing a sport.It will be better to be in good shape for that sport or the active thing that person is doing.If they are obeast they will either not win because the need to be in good shape and have a actiave and healthy body.

How did catain author Philip stay healthy?

how did captain author phillip stay healthy

How do Italians stay healthy?

by eating healthy