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the easiest way is just to write it but not put your name or you could just out right tell him, put your name and whatever happens happens.

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Q: How do you write a note to tell a boy you like him?
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How do you tell a boy you like him if you know he likes you?

You can write it on a note , tell him to his face, or get your friend to tell him.

How do you tell the boy if you like him?

Write a note and stick it somewhere he looks often everyday.

How do you tell a boy to asck you out?

first you gotta know if they like you too then my opinion is write a note to tell him to ask you out

What do you do if you finally realize that the boy you like might like you back?

you can tell that a girl/boy likes you if they write a note saying Do you like me check yes or no.Then they check it and it saids.......YES then the boy/girl sceams.

How do you tell this boy you like him without being pushy?

all you have to do is write them a note saying that you like them and hopefully they will like you back and make sure that they dont tell anybody unless they say that they like you.

You like a boy but not sure if he likes you?

Well, do not play games! Just write a note and tell him and then try to spend time with him alot.

How do you tell a boy if you like him?

well, theres many ways you could tell a boy that you like them. First, you could either write them a note/letter telling them or you can have your friend go up and tell them or you can have the boy you likes best friend to tell him. Or you could just go up to him your self if you had the guts to.

How do you write a note to a boy that you like a little and the boy likes you?

Send him a funny card.

How do you tell a boy you like him if he has a girlfriend?

you write him a note saying you don't want to start anything with his girl but you think he should know that you do like him and decorate the note and make it look real cute it

What should you do if you like a boy but you don't talk a lot?

write him a note.

How does someone tell a boy that they like him?

.there are a couple ways i can think of: You can call them and tell them You can get a friend or someone you trust to tell them You can write an old fashioned note Or you could use the direct approach and tell them yourself

How can you tell if a boy wants to be your boyfriend?

he can send you a note that says do you like me or he can tell it to you in person.

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