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Don't, its a bad idea. Who thought of this HW assignment?! When you pull away the layers,it gets smaller and more ripe. You also cry a lot. Just like feelings.

you could say you love how they have layers like an onion or something, and how much you want to share with them and stuff

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Q: How do you write a letter to someone you love telling them your feelings for them is like an onion this is for an English hw?
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How can you get your wife to come home?

We would suggest a letter, write her a letter telling her about your feelings, not about all the problems, don't blame or critisize her. Get someone to give her the letter, be romantic and poetic when you tell about your feelings, women love those kind of things.

What is the meaning of love letter?

it depends on what it says Answer A love letter is a letter telling someone that you love them so if someone gives you a love letter that means they love you!

What does the poem little old letter from Lagston Hughes mean?

It means that a woman most likely sent him a letter telling him that she moved away or someone sent him a letter telling him she died.

What is the word 'letter' when translated from English to Japanese?

As in you write a letter to someone? Tegami.

What are some adjectives that begin with the letter E and describes someone's feelings?

Ecstatic, elated, empathetic, enthusiastic.

Why does it help to write a letter telling someone how you feel without sending it?

Writing a letter can help you process and organize your thoughts and emotions. It can provide clarity and relief without the need to confront the other person directly. Keeping the letter for yourself allows you to express your feelings without risking potential consequences or complicating the situation further.

What are some feelings that begin with the letter C?

Feelings that start with the letter c:cheerfulcautiouscockycompassionateconcernedconfidentconfusedcourageouscowardlycrankycuriouscynic

What is a letter written by someone to deal with a personal matter called?

A letter written by someone to deal with a personal matter is called a personal letter. It is typically used to communicate feelings, share personal experiences, or address a specific issue with another individual.

Why was the lome letter important?

The De Lome letter was important because it was a private letter that was published in the American press telling about his feelings on President McKinley negatively. This prompted De Lome's resignation informing the U.S. authorities that it was his own views and not those of his government.

Is it true that someone wrote a letter to the president telling him that homework is bad and it should be banned forever?

Yes, it's true. I did. Of course, I'm not telling you my name! I'm the one who asked the question anyway.

What is a 6 letter word for easily hurt?

The word is offend or insult. Both words mean to hurt someone's feelings.

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Kinship and kindness are feelings.