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Q: How do you write Jessica in Arabic?
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How do write Jessica in Arabic?


How do you write Eliza in Arabic?

how to write Alizah in Arabic

What is Jessica in Arabic?

There are a lot of names in English that do not have an Arabic equivalent. "Jessica" is one of them. It comes from an obscure character in the Bible as reinterpreted by Shakespeare. Since that is the origin, there is nothing even close in Arabic. If you transliterate Jessica literally, it looks like this (Jee-see-kah): جيسيكا

How do you write Jessica in Cherokee?


How do you say girl in Arabic?

umm...: "Joshua" Why would you say it any other way? "Joshua" يشوع ioshua Its similar but not the same. As per the person who gave you the wrong answer, Some people don't understand that there is a different way to say a name in other languages. As per the ex: Joshua is Josue in Spanish.

How do you write 3 in Arabic?

teletti is word for 3 \ can't write it in arabic without arabic keyboard

Who to write topic in Arabic?

topic in arabic

How do you say i am is in Arabic?

I am = ana ( in Arabic ). And in Arabic you write it this way : أنا

How do you write Zakat in Arabic?


How do you write Jada in Arabic?

To write the name Jada in Arabic, it would be spelled جايدا.

How do you write i hate you in Arabic?

I hate you in Arabic : أكرهك

How do you write Jessica in Japanese?

In Japanese, if you write foreign names out, you write them with a writing system called Katakana. So, in Katakana, your name would be Jessica: ジェッシカ.