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15 mgs to 10 mgs to 5 mg, then 4, then 3 then 2 then 1 (you can stop after you have reached 2 mg).

After each drop wait 19 days before the next one. For example, if you drop from 15mg to 10 mg continue with 10 mgs for 19 days before dropping to 5 mgs and so on.

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i don't know really. i was on 10mg abilify and it wasn't working for me due to serious side effect, especially the movement disorder. so i just stopped it. cold turkey. i told my doctor i wasn't taking it anymore and he knew i was serious and tht there wasn't any way he could talk me into continuing. but i had no problems that i know of. that was in 2009. i will admit now that i am having serious movement disorders now. is it related? i don't know that either. so i'm seeing a neurologist tomorrow.

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With the advice and help of a physician. You should not just decide for yourself to stop taking any prescription medication.

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Q: How do you wean off abilify 5mg?
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