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you stir sperm and Orange Juice in a cup and apply it to top of head then let it drip in and settle in look in mirror for best result

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Q: How do you wash out a texturizer?
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Will your hair mess up if you go swimming with a texturizer?

Probably. The water (and the chemicals contained within it for that matter) will wash the texturizer out of your hair, ruining whatever style you were rocking.

Does texturizer damage your hair?

does texturizer damage your hair?

Can you get dreads with after a texturizer?

No, a texturizer loosens curl/ nappy hair.

How long will a texturizer last in your hair?

How long will a hair Texturizer last

If you have very straight hair will a texturizer make your hair curly?

yes a texturizer will certainly make your hair curly hey i have a question if a use a relaxer and a texturizer will my hair get breakage and fall out

What will a texturizer do to your short straight hair?

Curl it.

Can you use a texturizer on thin hair?


How do you change the natural texture of your hair?

You use a texturizer.

Can you use s curl texturizer in long hair?


IF you use s-curl texturizer can i get dreadlocks?


Does hair texturizer burn?

no it does not burn your hair. hair texturizer is more easier for people who want to be natural instead of having hair chemically treated with hair relaxer.

How can you get your hair like Cymphonique's?

to get your hair like cymphonique's you have to wash it then put in gel let it dry a little bit but keep it wet then comb it through wash it out put hand fulls of gel all over your hair til its covered then use the blowdryer and let the wind dry it but keep the blowdryer close to your hair but not to close. not jkng but im not sure if it will work with people with straight hair or people using texturizer so for people using texturizer you have to let your hair grow out natural if it doesnt work with your hair creamed or texturized.