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In co-op mode move your aiming recticle over your partner and hit the action button. You need to be behind the same cover and your aiming recticle will display a health pack in the middle.

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Q: How do you use the health packs on ghost recon?
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How do you use health packs on ghost recon for wii?

Aim your target reticle over the person you wish to heal (yourself or the other team member) and press the action button (A or C)

What did the Ghostbusters use to fight the ghost?

Proton Packs and Ghost Traps

How can you hack data in ghost recon future soldier?

Use the taser on the player and then you will be able to hack them.

Which ghost recon is 2 player?

When playing arcade mode, you can only have 2 players. In party mode, you can have up to 4 players.

What does the Nerf recon use?

The Recon can only use the Streamline Darts that it comes packaged with. However, you can buy Streamline Dart refill packs for N-Strike blasters either online or at the store. I would not suggest using ANY other darts with the Nerf Recon, unless you enjoy unjamming guns, attempting to glue together broken darts, or re-buying your Nerf guns.

What happens when you get 8 medic ribbons in killzone 2?

U get the badge where u can use health packs.

How do you use health packs on endless zombie rampage 2?

When Your Health Drops To 0, A Heal Pack Will Be Automatically Used. There Is No Way To Manually Use A Health Pack. It Only Activates When Your Health Drops To 0.

How do you use Recon in a sentence?

The scout troops carried out recon within enemy territory. The word recon is short for reconnaissance. It is a noun.

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Cigrettes packs contain an explicit warning about the health risks of smoking.

Can recon cs 6 use n strike elite streamline darts?

Perhaps this is just my Recon, but the N-Strike Elite darts jammed very frequently in the Recon.

Can recon cs6 use stick darts?

No it can only use streamlines.

What darts does the recon use?

Nerf Streamline Darts.